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This breeding will create MONSTERS for the Future !!!!!!!


               Benny Blanco




We here at JerseyIron have been looking forward to this breeding for a very long time.   Now the time has come to collide these two MONSTERS.  First up we have Porsha, this girl has produced 2 amazing litters for us.  She has been Bred to Blue Monster and King Kong.  One thing i can say is Porsha is definitely a female producer.  She has produced a 134 lb female with Blue Monster, and all her girls from that litter are over 100 lbs.  Porsha's litter with Kong was also amazing.  7 out of the 8 females in that litter were  over 100 lbs at 12 months old.  Porsha was bred to produce. Then we have Benny Blanco.  A monster of a male.  I love this boys sinister look. Benny is out of the King Liger x Gracie breeding.  Argueably one of the best breedings of all time.  He is litter mate brothers to non other than BISHOP.  Benny has bone, girth, structure and an amazing head piece.  To go along with all that he has an amazing temperment.  With Liger, Gracie, 383 Stroker, Koala all right upfront, how can you go wrong.  This breeding will be one for the AGES !!!!

Male 1   William in New York

 Male 2    Meech in P.A

Male 3   Cristi in Texas

Female 1      
Jersey Iron 
             Female 2 Preshistoric Bullies                         
      Female 3      Tampa Bay Kennels
          Female 4         Joanne                


Call For Pricing !!!!!

We DO return deposits here at JerseyIronPitbull  !!!!!!! Please read below.

Deposits ARE refundable only under 2 conditions.  Your pick pup is not born, or your pup passes away before your able to receive your puppy. If none of these instances happen then your deposit will not be refundable but it will be transferable to another breeding or a stud breeding.

Here at Jersey Iron Pitbull we ask that you have your puppy paid off by 8 weeks of age, unless prior arrangements have been agreed upon.

Jersey Iron Pitbull can also provide ear cropping service for your puppy.  Ear cropping is not included in the price of the pup.  That will be a seperate fee.  Call me and let me know if you would like this service for your puppy.

Forms Of Payment

We here at Jersey Iron Pitbulls accept the following payment options. 
-Western Union, Money Orders or Certified Bank Checks.-

Deposits for this breeding will be $1,000.00

  Name: Elijah
Phone: 973-224-5207


  Breeding has to be repeated 



  Destiny 6[1]

Destiny 8 Mths. (5)[1]

If you are looking for a breeding that will have bone, dome, girth, structure, and amazing muscle tone, then you have found the perfect breeding. This breeding will produce some of the most genetically freaky pups to date.  The Jersey Iron camp has never been more excited about a breeding than this one.  Juggernaut is out of the Kimbo x Zena breeding.  He is 155 lbs, 21.5 inches tall, and sports a 27 inch head. Juggernaut is known for producing some of the most amazing pitbulls in the game today.  His sons Freeze, Legion, Vulcan, Casino are going to be some of the future stars for the future.  This boy delivers the goods everytime he is bred. Then we have Destiny. She is out of our very first breeding with Blue Monster x Porsha.  This girl has a monster head, crazy bone, very thick body, and a structure to die for. Just look at the chest on this girl and she is not even 2 years old yet.  She currently sits at 110 lbs.  So When these two monsters collide, I can only image what will come out of this breeding, TRUE MONSTERS.  If you have been looking for a breeding that will take you kennel to the next level, You've found it !!!!!


                     Male    BuyOut/ Co Own
                Female  Jersey Iron
     Female     SOLD
                Female         Open          

Female      Open

Pups will start out at 3,000.00 and go up

 Forms Of Payment

We here at Jersey Iron Pitbulls accept the following payment options
-Western Union, Money Orders or Certified Bank Checks.-

Deposits for this breeding will be $1,000.00

  Name: Elijah
Phone: 973-224-5207




       Announcement coming soon !!!!!                                       Mercy


male 1
female  1 
male 2
female 2
male 3
female 3
male 4
female 4

 * Available          * Reserved

  Name: Elijah
Phone: 973-224-5207







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