Here at JerseyIron we will spare no expense to give our customers the best dog we can. We will not cut corners with our breedings. All our breedings are very well thought out and researched very carefully to create the monster dogs that we strive to create. Other kennels might be cheaper but just remember one thing, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR !!!!

Here at JerseyIron we do believe in returning deposits if we are unable to hold up to our end of the deal.  Please go to breedings page for detailed information.

Welcome to Jersey Iron Pitbull.  We are a new kennel located in nothern New Jersey. We will be specializing in the XXL and XXXL blue pitbulls.  With hard work and dedication we are looking to take the breeding game to the next level.

Here at Jersey Iron Pitbull we breed for size, great bone structure, good temperment, muscle tone, and of course good health.  Our goal is to produce the best quality puppies out there, so with that being said we are looking to breed only with the top studs in the pitbull world. We will be carrying multiple blood lines here at Jersey Iron Pitbull.  We will be specializing in creating the biggest, and baddest pitbull on earth, and we wont stop until we accomplish this goal.  Our message here at Jersey Iron Pitbull is its not the quantity of breedings you have, but the quality of breedings you have.  And trust me we will live and die by that rule.  I must say a great deal of time and energy has gone into our program to make Jersey Iron Pitbulls one of the elite kennels out there. 

Here at Jersey Iron Pitbull all of our dogs are UKC or ADBA registered.  Right now we are in the process of getting our pitbulls DNA tested.  This will assure the customer that they are receiving a  high quality puppy from us.  Customer satisfaction is very important here a Jersey Iron Pitbull.  We will do everything within our power to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase from us.  If we do not have a breeding going on at the time, we will be more than happy to point you in the right direction to assure you that you get exactly what your looking for.    We are team players here at Jersey Iron Pitbull. 

We here at Jersey Iron Pitbull pride ourselves on integrity and honesty.  We will never fake statistics on any of our dogs.  At any time your more than welcome to come see our dogs in person.  We also do not condone dog fighting.  We believe that act is disgraceful and  inhumane to this wonderful breed. 

Jersey Iron Pitbull would like to thank all of you for taking the time to find out what we stand for, and i wish all of you a happy hunting for the perfect pitbull for your progam  and your family.





 Website updated : 12/29/14  

Breeding page updated:  12/29/14 

Jersey Iron's

Destiny 2[1]
This girl and Juggernaut will create something special !!!!

Destiny 4[1]
Front end like a mac truck .



2014 is going to be a huge year for
Jersey Iron Pitbull.  Trust me !!!!!!!




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